The Unthinkable

We created the world’s first fabric that cleans pollution out of the air and converts it into breathable oxygen. Five years after its inception, several research partnerships, and countless prototypes later, we are now ready to share it with the world.

It started with a process that used photocatalysis to clean outdoor air pollution. Then came the pandemic, and we decided to focus our research on indoor air pollution. So it’s now a much more dynamic product that can take care of both.

We’ve also developed an app that considers your movement, the environment you’re in when you have the jacket on. It then gives you an accurate measure of the positive impact on the environment. With the jacket worn by others like you, you can see yourself on a leaderboard and compete with your peers to clean the world.

This is our take on the Unthinkable Fabric. It’s versatile and has limitless possibilities. Fill out your contact information on the page below to be one of the first to receive this unique piece.

And if you would like to use your creative prowess, we would be glad to co-create designs that take this movement to the next level.