Our Campaigns

Our campaigns highlight a collection of creative projects Designed to elevate the Denim Privé brand beyond the traditional Denim production realm. We use this space to explore, create, innovate and expand. Because we believe that creativity is an endless journey filled with exciting adventures and innovative breakthroughs. We don't stop at great when we know exceptional is just around the corner. In this space, anything is possible.
Our Innovation

Our Innovation

We’re not just looking for what’s next, but why it’s next. We develop processes that create the most positive impact while also ensuring we don't cause harm. And we do all it together with our brand partners in Blackbox, our research-focused, innovation lab.
Our Designs

Our Designs

Creativity knows no bounds and this is echoed through our creative processes. We believe we have a huge responsibility to uphold - that denim must be better. We develop fabrics that embrace the sustainable needs of today (and tomorrow), for the brands that proudly produce consciously.

Our crafts

We aspire to set a new standard for conscious creation within the fashion industry. We value responsible, ethical practices and ingenious changes to age-old systems. We are future-forward, climate-conscious, and innovation-focused.

Our capabilities

We strive to offer infinite possibilities to suit your needs. With over 5000 different types of fabric available in our textile library and a team of highly skilled craftsmen. We are constantly developing new fabrics and pushing past industry "norms" to craft unconventional, high-quality, purposeful fabrics that work to weave a more ethical path ahead.
Our Campaigns

Our apparel

Our apparel pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with denim. From the more traditional, seasonal collections, to unique capsule collections with specialized fabrics. We have created fabrics that utilize innovation and surpass expectations, Our skilled team takes what starts as a simple fiber into something extraordinary like carbon-neutral produced solar charging jackets, pollution cleaning jeans, and wearable 3D printed denim, if it is possible, we will create it.