Inside Denim Prive

Our Cotton

We meet the demand for our denim through BCI,
Organic, and Fair-trade cotton and aim to leverage
biotechnological solutions to cultivate
responsible cotton.

The Perfect

We utilize the latest innovative machinery to allow this complex process to become seamless and consistent without compromising quality.

The Blue

We are equipped with the revolutionary Gerber pattern-making technology, automatic spreaders, optimization software, and precision cutting technology.

True Blue,

We create shades of indigo using a specialized system that reduces the use of salt and water without compromising the dye color.


The 322 looms that create our denim are a mix of modern-day air-jet, rapier, jacquard, and selvedge looms.


A range of diverse stitching machinery forms the perfect blend of robotics and craftsmanship.

Our Production

Our road to ultimate sustainability is crafted by finding solutions to what makes denim harmful. A constant cycle of identifying, adaptation and innovation. We call it INFINITE. Through this we’ve created the world’s most sustainable dye, ENDIGO, our responsible dyeing process BluVolt, and Atomic; our sustainable laser finishes.

Our facility

We are proud of our platinum LEEDS certified production facility. With an 814KW solar field, we currently power more than 40% of our facility using renewable energy. A huge 2684KW under installation will lead to the entire plant using only solar energy by the end of 2021.

Our people
Paris to Pakistan

Our most important assets are the people behind Denim Privé. From the design studio in Paris to the facility in Pakistan, our employees work together as one. We support them with healthy work environments, by sponsoring their children’s education and having free medical clinics of our own throughout the cities they work in.