- Sleek Elegant Timeless - 

Paris has a reputation for being sleek, elegant, and timeless, but in the heart of the fashion world there is always the sense that rules are for amateurs and limitations are only there to identify the timid.


So it is with the world’s most versatile material that Parisians fold, stitch, mend and shape into wearable art. Our design team works to find innovative solutions to simplify life’s complexities and to turn dreams into reality.


We believe the best design comes from a synthesis of all the elements that separately comprise and collectively inform. While our designs are fuelled by the spirit of enquiry, we balance professional and local authentic knowledge by challenging preconceptions and testing conventions. Economic feasibility and high-end user value therefore characterize our designs.


Allied with some of the world’s best designers, brands and special technical consultants, the creative team at Privé is left with a duty to design well and design responsibly – whether at the scale of a versatile architectural complex or while defining hemlines.