"Nimes gave the world denim. Watch, as we go back in time to create the modern jean - right where it all started."

- Denim Privé & Ateliers De Nîmes - 

Serge de Nîmes

To be an original is to make a mark unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. 

It is innovation and expression, hard work, and a vision that is as stubborn as it is revolutionary. 

Stepping outside of the cultural rule and setting a new standard is not an endeavour for the timid. 

We understand it takes a lot to revolutionize the world around you.


With Nîmes being the icon of change for centuries, we ventured back to recreate the first denim fabric in over a century. A collaboration between Denim Privé & Ateliers De Nîmes paved the way for a new era in denim.