"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 



As thoughtfully and passionately as we craft our denim, we encourage you to craft your life.

By cherishing our heritage, we fuel our drive to reach the highest peak of existence.
Fertilize the soil where your roots grow into your life and evolve into that tree of infinite wisdom, with all its uniquely entwined branches.

Let your hopes and dreams determine and revolutionize this growth, like seasons transform the earth.

The Evolution of Tradition
Denim Privé begins it's journey from where it all started, the city of Nîmes. We shine a new light on conventional production, without replacing the traditions and the quality we inherently uphold.


The Organic Process

We have combined our craftsmanship, our manufacturing techniques, and the complexities that make Denim so desirable. We meticulously scrutinize our process in a cutting-edge laboratory. Our search for a sustainable world is a never ending journey.